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The ministry of OneChurch is about bringing the power of Christ into every area of our community.

Mission Statement

"OneChurch  exists to unify the Body of Christ and to address the social and spiritual needs of  the Kitsap Peninsula community by partnering government, civic, non-government, and faith based agencies with Christian Churches."

  • We believe that we as a Christian Community hold the keys to a spiritually healthy and prosperous community
  • We believe that we already have the spiritual and physical resources to bring healing and ministry to individual families
  • We believe that it is time for us to keep working together and be spiritual leaders to our community as well as the spiritual leaders of our churches
  • It is our desire to build unity in the body of Christ
  • Our unity and ministry will grow as we address the spiritual needs with a clear Unified Christian Testimony and address the social needs with real, practical, and personal help

At this stage of our ministry we have two major areas of focus.

OneChurch-One Family

The mission of OneChurch-One Family is to demonstrate the love of God in our community by bringing homeless families into nurturing relationships with support teams from Kitsap county’s churches, resulting in the families ability to obtain long term housing, increasing their growth and stability.

OneChurch-Community Network

Because of our role of working with many churches across the county, we are finding ourselves in a position of helping the body of Christ both network together and mobilize for greater effective ministry. We are seeing that indeed there are certain things that “we can do better together – than we can separately.” OneChurch–Community Network is seeking to mobilize the body of Christ out into the margins of our community, create systems of networking and communication, help raise support for paid staff, and provide a structure for mutual exchange of information within the Body of Christ.

A growing passion for our community

It is our desire to follow the heart and calling of Jesus Christ, which was to bring good news to the poor and afflicted, to bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to those who are held captive (in generational patterns of life), recovery of sight to the blind (who don’t see things very well) and bring freedom to those who are down trodden.  Luke 4

If you share our faith, our calling, our testimony and passion for ministry and unity, we invite you to join with us.